Our X-Team (XTM) manages Ducorp’s investments and offers media, marketing and advertising services.


Ducorp - Family Investment Company

Truth First

Ducorp is a family investment co with an investment focus on businesses that leverage modern technologies and digital marketing to solve real problems today, not in five years time.

Ducorp founded XTM to provide modern media, marketing and advertising solutions to businesses it takes a stake in, as an in-house marketing team, as well as third party clients.

Ducorp XTM provides a suite of marketing solutions to address the following segments:


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Our Mark - Like us, every muscle in the Jaguar’s body is focused on fulfilling its life purpose.

Organisms grow patiently from their core blueprint. They don’t care to project an appearance for other people’s opinion. So We Grow.

Sharing true stories geared to add value to others leads to gratitude and builds trusted relationships. So We Share.

We listen to our audience and craft solutions. We respect the market’s decision, not someone’s subjectivity, in determining our commercial success. So We Act.

Legacy - We exist to leave a valued legacy in other people’s stories and humanity’ collective consciousness called the internet.