A rite of passage for our designers is to express our F-ck Fake motto on clothing items, in their creative style.


Advancing Big Ideas

We advance big ideas and help modern businesses thrive. We invest in authentic entrepreneurs, run a progressive marketing agency and a brand accelerator program.

We are corporate rebels, present 24 hours a day.

We don’t put people in departmental boxes, we have no box.

We run our HR like an academy.

We guide our team members to be true to themselves and build self-confidence through practical experiences, coaching and storytelling.

We help our people communicate who they are and build brand power.

A rite of passage for our designers is to express our F-ck Fake motto on clothing items, in their creative style.

We share immersive stories and real-life content by our team members, their guests, and those enrolled in our brand accelerator program.

You need to know who we are before you can trust us.

We turn work life into bitesize reality content. You get to see who we are. You decide whether we’re worth your attention.

YModern media, marketing and advertising company.

Business incubator and accelerator - XTM HQ.

A modern, silicon valley-like business incubator space. Changing the world and disrupting industries require thick-skinned, immortal traits. Live what it takes to get there at XTM HQ.

2020 program participants. Ask about their journey with us.

Not-for-profit initiatives. Tomaurrow, Mauritius Blockchain & Tech Meetup.

This is a brand incubator and accelerator program that helps young modern business brand themselves in exchange for equity in the business or royalty rights. XTM HQ also has a light program that also invites people and businesses to brand themselves by paying a fee.


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